Thursday, February 13, 2014

Feelin' Lucky In Love

I'm Linking Up for Love

Hop on over & join up with Lucky to Be in First!  We are celebrating feelings of love with a fun Linky Party.  Here's what I'm currently in love with...

I couldn't ask for a better BFF!  He is the only one I want to continue living & loving life with.  We laugh, talk, snuggle, advise, wonder, explore, question, indulge, pray, listen, inquire, and learn with each other daily.   I'm SO in love with this man!

I have had a love affair with reading since I was a little girl.  I remember my grandmother having to take me to the public library several times a week because I would finish books so quickly.  Sometimes with our busy schedule I forget how much I love falling into a book and just imagining that story.  To me it is better than getting into a TV show and having to wait for the next week's episode because all you have to do is pick it back up.  The only thing that stinks is when it is over and you want to find another one to keep the fun going.  Gone Girl was awesome!  Divergent was too!  I am now downloading the rest of that series.  Reading for fun is my LOVE interest!!

Look at those BIG kids!  They are getting so big so quickly.  They are turning into such wonderful, intelligent, unique individuals.  It is so neat to see how that happens.  My hubby took out the good camera for Homecoming week this year and got some really great pics of them.  I absolutely love how he captured each one in a different way.

Ok so I am having a new LOVE affair with my blog.  I'm learning how amazing it is to be able to write  (at least weekly) and share with others.  I know that I am just a seedling in this whole community but I think I am growing by the minute.  What a wonderful world of technology that we use to create new passions for sharing with so many people world-wide.

Don't you just love those unconditional LOVE faces!?  These two fellows are so full of love for each of us every single day.  They were sitting right next to each other and so my hubby snapped a shot of each.  Their real names are Kobe and Archie but they are seriously Two Peas In A Pod.  We let Archie visit my mom for a couple of weeks and Kobe had some serious withdrawl like symptoms.  He missed his side-kick.  Awww---puppy love!

I never thought I would ever say that I am in LOVE with some piece of technology...but pair this little baby with my above mentioned Blog Lovin' and you now have "computer love" (in my best Zap & Rogers tune).  I also really love the desktop organizer I got from Heather at MoritzFineDesigns.  I LOVE my efforts to be organized.  It makes me look like I somewhat know what I'm doing. Ha!

Ok - so I've always (I mean ALWAYS) used Mr. Sketch for my chart markers in class.  As I was "back-to-school-shopping" this year, I found these babies.  I didn't know what a find I found.  I L-O-V-E these tools.  They write so smoothly and create such vivid anchor charts.  Yeah, they don't have the wonderful aroma therapy I got with Sketch markers, but I still have those sitting near by so I can take a whiff if the need arrises.

Shhh!!  One of my favorite things to do is shop for others and find a way to surprise them.  For the past couple of years, my hubby has made sure to get the girls a cute little V-day gift or two.  I guess he sees it as taking care of us girls on these Love Days.  But for those same two years, the boys have complained that they don't get a special gift for V-day.  It comes up A LOT!  So this year I decided to take on the boys as my job.  Of course, since they are sport-playing teenagers, the best bet was candy and gift cards for food (seriously they eat EVERYTHING).  I was going to hang it on their bedroom doors for a surprise when they wake up tomorrow.  The big bag is my hubby's surprise.  We went to see The Best Man Holiday back in December and we both LOVED it!  He also LOVES candies and goodies.  So much so that he has his own personal stash in our bedroom under his side table.  I found this cool cookie jar that I though would be perfect for him to keep his stash of goodies inside.  So I filled it with some of his faves and I plan on setting it out tomorrow morning when he's in the shower.  TeeHee!  Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky love!

Your up!  What are you Lucy In Love with this time of year?  Stop by and link up.  


  1. Wow - I am SO glad to have found your blog! Your family is absolutely gorgeous! Totally going to check out the Sharpie markers (I'm a Mr. Sketch die-hard, too!) I loved Gone Girl - couldn't wait to finish it (just to figure it all out!)

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Yay! I'm so glad to have found your Linky! That was so much fun to do. It really got me in the V-day mode while thinking about all my current loves!
      Yes -- Gone Girl was Awesome (with a capital A)! I overheard some of my colleagues talking about it when we got back from Winter Break so I downloaded it and couldn't put it down for the day & 1/2 it took for me to finish it. My hubby isn't a reader so I could tell him about it and share all my ups and downs, and theories without worry.
      Hope your V-day was full of LOVE!

  2. You have such a cute blog! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. :) Your family is beautiful! I am finishing Allegiance in the Divergent series right now. I have a Mac too, but your desktop is way more organized than mine. I'd love some pointers! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Read With Me ABC

    1. Thank you -- I love my cute family and beautiful blog. Wait - other way around! I <3, <3, <3 all the cute blogs and blog co-hearts I keep meeting. I'm excited to finish with my replies so I can troll through yours and do some reading. For a second, I thought we might have had the same designer. ;)
      Ok - so the Divergent series...I'm probably going to start Insurgent this weekend. I try to keep a little time in-between books so I can stretch out the fun! [teehee]
      As for the desktop organizer... check out Heather at
      I downloaded her desktop organizer and then added my own section titles: TPT & Bloggin, Works In Progress, Miscellaneous, School Files, Creative Stuff, & Programs. I'm trying to keep it all in the right spots and folders with purposeful names. Believe is an effort! I am NOT naturally an organizer.

  3. Yay you linked up too!!

    I absolutely LOVE Flipchart Markers!!! I hold them hostage and use them as an incentive for my kiddos. They love writing ANYTHING with Ms. Tidwells favorite markers! I agree with the post above mme...your laptop is super organized. I get in the habit of saving stuff as "fkfgl" or "doing work" or something random that I lose it. I have a Junk folder within so many other junk folders to organize. It is sad. I agree that you should post pointers!

    I also am an avid reader...I need to check out the books you posted. I think the last book I read AND FINISHED was "Dawn" by Octavia Butler....

    Happy Valentines Day

    SN: Did you get my message about the smiley faces?

    1. YES!! I had to link up too!! It was too cute. Lol to your desktop junk folders. It really is only by effort. I am, by no means, the go-to person for organization. Ha! I must put on a good front. But see my reply above to get the link to the desktop organizer.

      I'm on my way to read the smiley faces post right now. I always forget the "notify me" box. Ugh!