Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Take Two End Today!! Big Sale Starts Tomorrow!!!

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Now that is a great way to get those last minute things you need for BTS!

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Take Two!" -- Giveaway & Sale

If you are anything like me, then you spent a good amount of money on TPT during the BTS sale and now your cart is full again.

Don't worry, friends.  My Primary Peeps and I have got something in store for you!
How about a little more "moola" to put a dent in your shopping cart?  

But it doesn't stop there…
Check back tomorrow for another announcement and in the meantime you can enter below.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

High/Low Linky with A First For Everything

When I first began to think about this post, I was thinking that I didn't have much to talk about for this week.  But as the day went by, I grew more excited to link up and share.  So here's a link up with Julie from A First For Everything:
I'm going to start with my low since it is so fresh on my heart and nothing else seems so low right now.
We just got back from NM.  I had to leave my mommy.  And that was SUPER hard because we were there for my beautiful grandmother's funeral.  It was a perfect celebration of her life and so nice to see all of my family.  I have the gift of so many amazing memories with her.  While there, my hubby and I got to take a quick picture of the beautiful scenery near her burial location.  
Today, I was able to get into my classroom to begin the task of setting it back up.  It was a relief to get in before the original date given to us and the AC was on for the 2nd half of the day.
So here's the before pic.  I will take some more to compare the process as I go.  
I forgot to snap a few more pics before I left today.  I was able to get most furniture in place and unpack a few things and put them into their places.  Hopeful to begin the decorating part soon!
Ok - to give a little background…I have had some really bad luck with finding a hairdresser in the various locations we have lived over the past several years.  My favorite one was in Dallas but when I moved to Florida, I attempted to find someone with as much skill and didn't have any luck.  I tried another one in California with no luck either.  So when we moved to Houston,  I decided to pass on the chances and just make the 3-4 hour trip up to Dallas and back to my original stylist every 3-5 months.  Today, I decided to try out a girl I found on FB.  I was so nervous, but am so glad I did!! {please look away from the grays}
I love it!  I wanted a subtle ombre and trim.  It came out so perfect!  No more driving to Dallas for this girl!
If you have seen this picture around, then you know about an awesome giveaway.  

Some fellow bloggy friends and I hosted this blog hop and giveaway for the last couple of weeks.  The prizes are awesome.  If you haven't entered your chances to win.  Click the picture above and don't miss out!
As a result of this great giveaway -- my numbers have exploded!  Woohoo!  Thanks to all of you guys for making one of my summertime goals a success!

Alrighty - I think I'll stop for now.  Be sure to link up with us and share your own highs and lows for the week.

You Oughta Know About...

I'm back to participate in a fun blog hop called, "You Oughta Know" with Jasmine from Buzzing with Mrs. McClain.
I absolutely had a blast last month with this blog hop.  

This time I'm going to have to make it a little shorter, friends.
You see -- I just got home from a full day of shopping with the hubster and kiddos.  We literally had all 4 of them today and adventurously decided to do all BTS shopping in one hop.  Wowza!  That was a fun challenge.  The good thing is that they are all old enough to pick things out.  The good news is we did it.  The bad news is that this is me post-shopping trip:

Hence a quick "you oughta know."

I think you oughta know about whole class reward words.  I have been using this system for a long time.  One year, I had a really talented TA create my letter cards for me.  This was before Cricuit or Cameo or fun laser die cutters.  So she free-handed the letters. 
Anywho -- I would choose a reward that I wanted to give to the class as a whole.  I would put the word up on the board and each time they received a compliment from another teacher or adult in the building, I would pull a letter.  My main rule for that one was that I needed to hear the compliment myself.  They could also earn a letter pull if they all stayed on green or above on the behavior chart or any other display of great character as a whole group.  Then once the word was gone, they would get the reward.  I've also done it in reverse and added a letter instead.

This year I wanted to add more rewards than I've used in the past and since I didn't have the same creative skills as my friend, I had to create a document.
It now has several more whole class rewards (that aren't the kind we do with our shades drawn) such as crazy hats, use a pen, or swap seats.  I've even made it editable and included a blank slide.

You can check out this product HERE

Alright -- I can't keep my eyes open any longer.  Enjoy the hop!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Favorite Things for Back-2-School: Giveaway & Link-Up

The wait is over!!!
It's here!!!
Are you ready???
If you read the title, the key word that stuck to your newly back-to-school ok-partially focused brain should be
You betcha!  This is not only a fun link-up but it has one of those rafflecopters attached.  And you want to keep reading because this giveaway is 
I, along with about 36 other amazing people have put this event together with much help from someone I'd like to be like when I grow up in this blogging world, Amy from Learning Lessons with Mrs. Labrasciano.  Let's start with a few of my favorite things (I told you that you'd have to do some reading first).
My whole life I remember getting super excited when I start to see the Back-To-School sales and school supply set-ups going on in stores.  That feeling has never left me.  Even in college, I would spend hours in school supply aisles and even in the campus bookstore picking out the school supplies I felt would be best to support me in the school year.  I loved finding all the cute new products and fun binders, folders, notebooks, pens, and pencils.  I can only imagine how much I've spent on those things throughout my life...{scary -- NO!  Don't imagine that #}.  So this list will be short, but just like I did when I was a student, I still get excited and probably spend way too much on all the back-to-school garb I can find.  Here's my top 6 {at the moment}.  I'm sure it will change as more fun stuff comes out.  
I got my EC planner!!!  I'm so excited.  I ordered it at the end of last year and have it all set and ready to go.  The tools I usually carry around with me are: a notebook for taking notes in meetings and planning times, a binder with all curriculum docs and lesson plans, sticky notes, a clipboard with schedules and classlists and another one with grades (paper copies).  Now, with the help of Erin Condren, I will have this bad boy and hopefully not much else.  If you haven't checked out what her planners are like, stop by her website and see if it looks like a must-have for you.
I love, love, love regular sticky notes.  Especially the bright colors and "super sticky" ones.  But as far as these Sticky Notes go...I can't imagine going into a new school year without a stockpile of these babies.  No more staples, tape and such trying to put up all of our anchor charts throughout the room.  Now we can stick it up, take it down, move it here and there, add to it and slap it back up!  Brilliant!!
I have to give credit to my student teacher from last year for bringing this Ah-Maze-ing little do-dad into my life.  Having a spot for all those little things that I need at a drops notice is nah-ice!  She said it was easy to find and there were lots of editable labels on TPT for you to put whatever you so please into whichever drawer.  
Tervis Tumblers are a teacher's best friend.  It's very rare to see a teacher without one of these in hand during any faculty meeting, training, or even in the classroom.  Have you seen the cool slip-on handles that they have now?  I haven't gotten my hands on one yet but I'm sure it will soon be purchased.  This is just one of the many that are in my cupboard at the moment.  I'm sure they will rotate into my classroom throughout the year.  And add a little of this and I have the energy to get through each day.
And who wouldn't love this Thirty-One bag to carry all the fun back and forth.  This is their utility tote and file.  Hanging files can actually be hung on this guy but I use it to keep the bag to stay standing and upright.  There are tons of pockets for all the goodies I find at the school supply isles.  I call it my walking classroom desk.  

And of course, my tools to stuff those pockets with.  These are what I keep handy for EVERYTHING!  I love all the colors and how they show up on paper. 

Alright friends, it's time!  Thanks for sticking around and reading.  Now's your chance for the fun!  This is a BIG one.  Are you ready?  This one goes from Aug. 3rd through the 10th.  The prizes are awesome and there are so many chances to win, so start clicking and hoppin' around.  Good luck!

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