Saturday, February 1, 2014

Are we CURRENTLY in February??

Is it really February already??  I can't believe that January came and went that quickly.  It's time for our February CURRENTLY.  Linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this Linky.

LISTENING - I can hear 3 various snores: my hubby, Kobe (our chocolate lab) and Archie (the weenie dog).  But unfortunately they are not drowning out the HORRIBLE comedy spewing from my TV.  Culprit #1 somehow was allowed to grab a movie from the RedBox without supervision and brought home one of those movies that was a waste of any penny put into it.  I DO NOT find this type of humor worthwhile.  So the laptop is blocking my view.

LOVING - My hubby surprised me last week by taking me into the Apple Store and unexpectedly purchasing me my very own MacBook Pro.  (I truly think he was just tired of me hogging the other one most of the time for blogging and creating)  So I made it MINE!  Complete with cute desktop organization and all my favorite fonts, clipart, borders, paper, and other things Blogger style.

THINKING - I've decided to begin my graduate work this summer and submitted my application for PVAMU and financial aid.  I'm so excited and nervous.  & Yes, that is Prairie View A&M.  How awesome will it be for both my husband and I to have our Masters Degrees from the same HBCU.

WANTING - Even though those 2 "snow" days we had the last couple of weeks have set us back in the classroom, I kind of got used to having that extra planning/snuggle time at home.  Remember, I use the term "snow" lightly since I do live in South TX and didn't see a single snowflake fall.

NEEDING - I want to get back to running.  My hubby and I keep telling each other that we will run tomorrow.  But that tomorrow doesn't seem to get here.  I NEED to get back to it!!  I really do enjoy it.

2 TRUTHS & A FIB - 1.  Yes it is true!  I danced throughout high school and when I was in college, I came across some friends that were putting together a HipHop group that toured schools to promote positivity.  I helped develop the show and danced with them for about a year.  I even got paid and we even opened for a concert in El Paso.  2.  No, I never actually started in a play.  I always have dreamed of it.  I think I was just too shy to really pursue that dream.  Instead, I devoted myself to sponsoring Drama Clubs at my schools for over 7 years.  I wish I was as bold and talented as those amazing kid stars I get to work with.  3. & Yes, we did it.  We drove across the country with all 5 of the kids plus the 2 dogs.  I don't know how, but we did.  It was filled with memories for sure.


  1. Hi! I just linked up to Farley Currently February and came over here! I too am new to the blogging and TpT world! I noticed you're from Texas too! How I love the sun and people there and can't wait to get back there when I retire! This cold weather is getting to me! Even though I'm across the pond - come by and visit! I'm your new follower!

  2. I too have felt lazy after the the 2 "snow days". We also didn't see any snow in Houston. What a let down. I feel your pain with the snoring. My husband and my weiner dog also snore loudly. Good luck with graduate school.
    Love Teaching Kids

  3. Congrats on your new Mac! I have been a Mac user for about 4 years now and I love it. My district even gave me one on loan to I have two! Which always has me super motivated with two screens or super distracted!

    What will you be studying? I have my M.Ed but I am considering a second one or a PHD. I briefly lived in Houston and looked into Prairie View. I wish you the best of luck in your academic endeavors!

    What is this whole "Friend Connect" thing? I have no idea how blogger following works. I am ashamed to say that out loud...I am going to follow you though-do I have to have that too? Is it a widget?

    If You Mustache, I Heart Teaching.

    1. I've applied for C&I-Reading. I didn't want Leadership so that was my best bet. Thanks for the luck!
      To be completely honest with you, I'm not quite sure how all this "Blog Following" works. I feel like I'm following different blogs in a variety of ways. I have some I'm following by email and so I get an email whenever they post something new. I also have some through the Friend Connect thing but I'm not sure how that keeps me in the loop. I can't figure out where it gives me notifications. I have lots on my "Reading List" when I first open up Blogger. It shows me all my favorite blogs and moves the latest posts to the top. The lady that designed my blog added the "Follow By Email" gadget that creates the list of people that follow me. Sorry I'm not much help!