Friday, March 28, 2014

5 for Friday!!

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I really don't feel like much has gone on this week.  I'm not even sure if I have 5 things to post about.  Let's see what I can come up with...Here we go:

Last week recap (since I'm a slacker and didn't post on Friday):  Finally got our Family Wall Collage put onto the wall with a little help from my hubster.  The kids keep stopping in front of it to look at all the pics of themselves.  They crack me up.  Plus, it came!!  I got my 1st Stitch Fix!!  I was so excited.  There was some cute things inside.  I kept a fabulous red, wrap dress and some jeans.  I wasn't too excited about the two tops and the necklace so I sent them back.  If you haven't looked into Stitch Fix yet -- stop by their site and see what all they hype is about.  My next fix is scheduled!!

Began working on my next set of TPT products.  I wanted to get my Content Word Wall vocabulary cards for our Science units up.  Look for them in my store and linked on my blog within the next few days.

I am trying my best to find things to do around school while Mrs. Newton has her 4 week take-over.  I have done a little organizing and filing.  I have worked on my classroom library a little also.  But there is only so much to do.  Any suggestions or ideas?  What are some things you have gotten accomplished while a student teacher is teaching?  I need some help.

Our youngest got her glasses FINALLY!!  Poor baby...she was b-l-i-n-d!!   I don't know how we didn't catch it sooner.  I also don't know how she was functioning.  The doctor said that she basically could only see people.  YIKES!!  We are horrible parents.  Anywho...look at how gorgeous she looks with her cute "nerd" glasses (her word, not ours).  I love her cutie-pie style!!
 & finally ------ today was our first & only field trip for the year.  We went to TUTS theatre to watch "The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley."  It was really cute and a perfect addition to our Flat Stanley projects that are coming in from all over the US and even one from Prague!!  The kids loved it!  There were even a few that asked if Stanley is "really real."  Ha!

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  1. I have taught for 16 years and have never had a student teacher. I wouldn't know what to do! What about creating some fun Scoot games for review?
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  2. Organize those files and purge (if your like me you keep EVERYTHING and then can't find it until AFTER you needed it!!)
    News, Views & Stews