Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm BACK!! 4 Sunday Funday

Linking up with Dierdre & Molly to share some fun.  

I had to take a break this week from some of my regular posts.  It was just a very busy time.  So now that I have finally figured out that I am on Spring Break, I decided to share.  This weekend was not so fun (I'll have to share that with you next week).  But today was sort of fun since it is a Sunday that I am not spending trying to do school stuff & lesson plans.  Breaks are so needed!!

Today I...

  • Stayed in Bed Late
Not my bed but just as cozy looking!
  • Watched Black Fish for like the 5th time 
If you've read any previous posts, you'll know why I'm fascinated
  • Read some more of Insurgent on my IPad 
    Love this series!  Check it out at Amazon HERE
  • & WATCHED my hubby and sis-in-law work on their lesson plans!!  teehee 
What fun did you guys get into this Sunday?  Link up with us.


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