Sunday, December 1, 2013

I'm Thankful For...

A Thankful Idea (borrowed from a colleague)

A few years ago, I taught next door to a wonderful lady that always had a way of making her students feel so loved and welcome.  One of the many things she did was during Thanksgiving time.  One Monday morning, we would walk up to the doorway and find a poster similar to this.  She did it every year and each statement was personalized for each individual student.  I began this tradition for the first time last year and my students LOVED it.  They spend so much time reading my comments about each of our classmates.  They walk in with smiles abound!  This year, I decided to pounce on all that love that my poster created and get them to fill in a Thankful For Our Classmates sheet.  We are going to bind them and put them into a class book that everyone can read.  This will be a great way to fill our buckets whenever we need it.


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