Thursday, November 14, 2013

THANKful for New Ideas

Let's see...5 + 6 + 2...  Has it really been 13 years!?? I have been teaching for 13 years and I love that I can find new ideas and try them out.  Every year I start out with a list of new ideas I found over my summer blog hops.  Now that I am joining this wonderful world of sharing ideas, my list just keeps growing and growing.  I am so excited to see such wonderful new ideas on the Blog Hoppin' Linky Party.
So here's what topped my list this year:

Where in the WBT have you been all my life?

Whole Brain Teaching!!  I found this towards the end of last year and tried to use some of it.  This year I am making a better effort to try to include this style in at least some of my subject areas.  My kids love it and really seem to be learning. I am hoping that the more comfortable I get with it, the easier it will come as a natural teaching style for me.  If you haven't seen what WBT is all about -- just google it and there are lots of resources most of which are free (or click WBT in my subtitle to take you to the WBT website) and tons of youtube videos.  Here is one of my favorites.  She is amazing!
Of course, I also found some great posters and resources at TPT (most of which are free).
I found these posters for free on TPT as well as some smart board lessons & power points.

 All you have to do is put it into the search box and find the resources that work best for you!!

Classroom Economy

I have always been a learner.  You might call me one of those life-long learners.  I secretly enjoy doing all that professional development that districts send us to.  Shhh!  I only share that passion with my students.  That being said, one of the many SD's I attended when I taught in Irving, TX stuck with me.  It was put on by another teacher in the district.  She taught 3rd grade and had a complete classroom economy up and running.  I thought it was such a fantastic idea.  Unfortunately, I taught 1st grade and didn't think it would work quite as well with that younger age.  This summer I began researching and found several resources.  I figured I could try and implement this concept into my classroom now that I feel so comfortable in my grade level.  It is up and running.  My kiddos LOVE it.  We started at the beginning of the year during procedures.  Instead of just introducing jobs and rotating students, we discussed what jobs would help keep our classroom going.  Then we listed them and the duties tied to each (of course I encouraged some that I specifically wanted).  The students actually applied for the jobs they wanted with a job application.  I chose them based on their applications and some teacher recommendations for certain, more responsibility required jobs.  I also determined pay rates, bonus opportunities, fines, and rent amounts.  The students are really learning about saving, spending, needs, wants, etc.  We have auctions with different types of things to buy (lunch with a friend in the classroom,  treasure chest items, computer time, show & tell day, slippers in the classroom, change seats for the day, etc.).  We have typical classroom jobs but we also added a banker, police officer, and team manager.  
Each student has an Economy Folder to hold their money and info sheets

Found this awesome product HERE

Our cash box
It's definitely a work in progress and I am learning as I go.  Keep in touch to find out how it goes.


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