Friday, November 8, 2013

Idioms (or shall I say Literal vs- Non-Literal Meanings)

Alright - our school-wide focus is on how to translate the state objectives and create high rigor lessons that really meet the expectation of learning.  So after lots and lots of thinking and searching for great resources, I found some great learning ideas to go along with Literal & Non-Literal meanings.  I found a fun idea about introducing idioms to the students by letting them use alphabet cereal to create words and then telling them to "eat their words."  I didn't find Post Alpha-bits cereal at our local store so I settled for alphabet shaped cookies.  My kiddos were so excited and inventive in finding ways to make letters of words they wanted to spell.
 Look at that LONG vocabulary word!!

 She created the letters she needed with pieces of cookies!!

When I told them that now I wanted them to "eat their words," they were excited because who doesn't love a snack but it also led us into a great discussion about what that phrase can also mean.  Throughout the days we spent talking about idioms, we referred back to ourselves LITERALLY eating our words often!!

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