Saturday, September 13, 2014

You Oughta Know About…"Turn In Flaps"

Have I got the perfect thing to share about for this month's:
with Jasmine at Buzzing With Mrs. McClain.
Have you ever seen one of these do-dads before?
I'm not going to take credit for discovering how to use this device in my classroom.  I have a wonderful colleague that had one of these on a table in her room.  One day I ran into her room to ask a quick question and I saw the kids walking over to it and turning in their assignments. A-ha!!  
You see those numbers at the bottom of it?  Well, since each student has a number assigned to them throughout the entire year, they simply walk over to the contraption, lift the flap with their number on it and slide their paper in.  Once all the students have turned in their assignments, you simply slide out the stack and viola…a stack of papers in alphabetical order ready to grade.  It makes it easier to put into the grade book, files, and folders.  I can also automatically tell who has not turned in an assignment.  I feel like it saves me just a little more time in such a daunting and disliked regular part of my job.  I can't imagine life without it now!!
Ok -- so it took me a while to find this baby.  It doesn't have such an easy name (to the kids I call it the "turn in flaps").  But after some digging, I found it online through amazon and office supply stores.  It is  called the C-Line Plastic Indexed Sorter and usually only runs between $15-$23.  Not bad to save a little of my sanity.  
Click HERE for the link to the one that Walmart sells for $15.84
So that is my You Oughta Know for now.  I have a video about how it works but I left it on my computer at school.  Once I get there, I will add it to this blog.  
Now stop by some of the other great blogs to learn about some more things "you ought know" about.


  1. Oh wow! I didn't even know that this amazing little contraption existed! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Best wishes!

  2. OMG I wonder if the person that invented this knows how awesome it is for the classroom:) Thanks for sharing, I love a good organizing and timesaving tip!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten