Saturday, August 9, 2014

You Oughta Know About...

I'm back to participate in a fun blog hop called, "You Oughta Know" with Jasmine from Buzzing with Mrs. McClain.
I absolutely had a blast last month with this blog hop.  

This time I'm going to have to make it a little shorter, friends.
You see -- I just got home from a full day of shopping with the hubster and kiddos.  We literally had all 4 of them today and adventurously decided to do all BTS shopping in one hop.  Wowza!  That was a fun challenge.  The good thing is that they are all old enough to pick things out.  The good news is we did it.  The bad news is that this is me post-shopping trip:

Hence a quick "you oughta know."

I think you oughta know about whole class reward words.  I have been using this system for a long time.  One year, I had a really talented TA create my letter cards for me.  This was before Cricuit or Cameo or fun laser die cutters.  So she free-handed the letters. 
Anywho -- I would choose a reward that I wanted to give to the class as a whole.  I would put the word up on the board and each time they received a compliment from another teacher or adult in the building, I would pull a letter.  My main rule for that one was that I needed to hear the compliment myself.  They could also earn a letter pull if they all stayed on green or above on the behavior chart or any other display of great character as a whole group.  Then once the word was gone, they would get the reward.  I've also done it in reverse and added a letter instead.

This year I wanted to add more rewards than I've used in the past and since I didn't have the same creative skills as my friend, I had to create a document.
It now has several more whole class rewards (that aren't the kind we do with our shades drawn) such as crazy hats, use a pen, or swap seats.  I've even made it editable and included a blank slide.

You can check out this product HERE

Alright -- I can't keep my eyes open any longer.  Enjoy the hop!


  1. Great thanks for sharing! Now rest up before school starts :)

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  2. It is so important to make sure that our kiddos are rewarded for good makes me sad when I see other teachers that seem to lose insight and only focus on negative behavior. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing this great resource!
    Best wishes!
    Jen :)

  3. I was so excited to find your post for the You Oughta Know Blog Hop, I'm your newest follower EVERYWHERE!
    I've pinned you too!
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