Saturday, August 2, 2014

Favorite Things for Back-2-School: Giveaway & Link-Up

The wait is over!!!
It's here!!!
Are you ready???
If you read the title, the key word that stuck to your newly back-to-school ok-partially focused brain should be
You betcha!  This is not only a fun link-up but it has one of those rafflecopters attached.  And you want to keep reading because this giveaway is 
I, along with about 36 other amazing people have put this event together with much help from someone I'd like to be like when I grow up in this blogging world, Amy from Learning Lessons with Mrs. Labrasciano.  Let's start with a few of my favorite things (I told you that you'd have to do some reading first).
My whole life I remember getting super excited when I start to see the Back-To-School sales and school supply set-ups going on in stores.  That feeling has never left me.  Even in college, I would spend hours in school supply aisles and even in the campus bookstore picking out the school supplies I felt would be best to support me in the school year.  I loved finding all the cute new products and fun binders, folders, notebooks, pens, and pencils.  I can only imagine how much I've spent on those things throughout my life...{scary -- NO!  Don't imagine that #}.  So this list will be short, but just like I did when I was a student, I still get excited and probably spend way too much on all the back-to-school garb I can find.  Here's my top 6 {at the moment}.  I'm sure it will change as more fun stuff comes out.  
I got my EC planner!!!  I'm so excited.  I ordered it at the end of last year and have it all set and ready to go.  The tools I usually carry around with me are: a notebook for taking notes in meetings and planning times, a binder with all curriculum docs and lesson plans, sticky notes, a clipboard with schedules and classlists and another one with grades (paper copies).  Now, with the help of Erin Condren, I will have this bad boy and hopefully not much else.  If you haven't checked out what her planners are like, stop by her website and see if it looks like a must-have for you.
I love, love, love regular sticky notes.  Especially the bright colors and "super sticky" ones.  But as far as these Sticky Notes go...I can't imagine going into a new school year without a stockpile of these babies.  No more staples, tape and such trying to put up all of our anchor charts throughout the room.  Now we can stick it up, take it down, move it here and there, add to it and slap it back up!  Brilliant!!
I have to give credit to my student teacher from last year for bringing this Ah-Maze-ing little do-dad into my life.  Having a spot for all those little things that I need at a drops notice is nah-ice!  She said it was easy to find and there were lots of editable labels on TPT for you to put whatever you so please into whichever drawer.  
Tervis Tumblers are a teacher's best friend.  It's very rare to see a teacher without one of these in hand during any faculty meeting, training, or even in the classroom.  Have you seen the cool slip-on handles that they have now?  I haven't gotten my hands on one yet but I'm sure it will soon be purchased.  This is just one of the many that are in my cupboard at the moment.  I'm sure they will rotate into my classroom throughout the year.  And add a little of this and I have the energy to get through each day.
And who wouldn't love this Thirty-One bag to carry all the fun back and forth.  This is their utility tote and file.  Hanging files can actually be hung on this guy but I use it to keep the bag to stay standing and upright.  There are tons of pockets for all the goodies I find at the school supply isles.  I call it my walking classroom desk.  

And of course, my tools to stuff those pockets with.  These are what I keep handy for EVERYTHING!  I love all the colors and how they show up on paper. 

Alright friends, it's time!  Thanks for sticking around and reading.  Now's your chance for the fun!  This is a BIG one.  Are you ready?  This one goes from Aug. 3rd through the 10th.  The prizes are awesome and there are so many chances to win, so start clicking and hoppin' around.  Good luck!

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  1. You are SUCH a Teacher Enabler Reddishann!!! I knew when I came to your post I would be writing down "Things to Do and Buy". Ughhhhh!!!! Glad to see you linked up at 22 (still the top). Yay Wifi!!!!

    Emerald :-)

  2. I LOVE your teacher swag! My favorite are the post it anchor charts. They are definitely a must-have. Thanks for linking up:)
    Take care, Amy

  3. can you tell me where you got the teacher supplies storage thingie? I have been looking for one with the larger drawers like yours...can't find it anywhere! Thanks!!

  4. I think my student teacher said she got it at Home Depot or Lowes, Sharon. And she said it wasn't expensive. Good luck. Thanks for stopping by.