Saturday, July 26, 2014

High/Low Linky Party w/ A First For Everything

I'm doing my first Link-Up with a bloggy buddy of mine.  She has this great Saturday Link Up called 
I told her that it reminded me of the Kardashians because they sometimes do a "high & low" of their day at family dinners.  So here's mine from the week:
My high comes straight from the CAMT conference I spent most of my week at.  CAMT is the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching.  It began on Monday morning with a keynote speaker that was HORRIBLE!!  I know what you're thinking right now.  Yes this is still my HIGH for the week.  She was so bad that there were tons of people walking out of the arena.  On Tuesday, there was another keynote speaker for the opening of that day and we were sort of hesitant to go to it however, a friend I made while there suggested that I do.  He told me I wouldn't regret it and HE WAS RIGHT!!  
This guy's name is John Antonetti and he was hands-down the best speaker I have ever listened to.  He is from Colleagues On Call and if you ever get a chance to hear him motivate teachers, don't miss out!  You won't be disappointed in any way!  His best analogy is that of two kinds of students:  Melissa Sue & Bubba.  He had us laughing and crying and feeling like super heroes by the end of an hour long opening session.
My down of the week is pretty down.  Earlier this summer, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.  She opted out of radiation and chemotherapy.  We were blessed to visit with her on Mother's Day.  Her health has been deteriorating rapidly and she doesn't seem very coherent these last few days. I really want to be there by her side but we live so far apart.  I just am so sad that my next trip home might be sooner and under circumstances that aren't about a vacation/trip.
 Grandma Helen with Dennis and the kids at Christmas last year.
 My mommas on Mother's Day.
My grandma and I took a selfie last summer.

Now that I have everyone in tears...grab a tissue and stop by A First For Everything to link up and share.


  1. Oh girl, I'm so very sorry. My Grammy was my world so I know your pain. It's so hard. I will be praying for you, her, and your family. Truly

  2. ReddishAnn, I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. She seems like a very special lady. I too will be praying for both of you.