Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January CURRENTLY Linky

Ok -- where have I been?  I love this little idea of CURRENTLY.  I've seen them on various blogs that I peruse and never put the pieces together.  I thought I'd give it a try.  Check out Oh' Boy 4th Grade HERE & let the journey begin:

Listening - Of course, I was the one that introduced my poor hubby to his new game obsession.  I gave up long ago and only go back to that wonderful world of matching candy pieces only when I have a moment of complete nothingness (is that a word?).  I only find those moments on vary rare occasions like a waiting room at the orthodontist.  My husband on the other hand, finds many, many opportunities to match the colorful candies.  And usually, he has several words and phrases that come out of his mouth while doing so.

Loving - Of course I know this vacation time is dwindling down & fast!!  But that doesn't stop the trick my mind is playing on me.  I'm loving all the sleep in time and stay up late time I'm finding.

Thinking - I need to get back on schedule.  I hate how I do this to myself on long breaks and then struggle the first few days of school because I can't make my mind stop and GO TO SLEEP!!

Wanting - They are calling me!!  I secretly think my hubby makes these delicious cookies and knowingly makes so many that he puts them on the counter to entice me!! UGH

Needing - I have a Student Teacher joining us the 2nd week back from break and I want to have my classroom ready for her (her own desk area, supplies, etc.).  Plus I have some new things I want to get up and going.  I NEED to get into that classroom and get busy.

Memory from this Xmas - Our family trip to NM!  Fun, snow, family, food, memories!!  And I've decided that the new Strang family tradition is a ski trip each winter!!


  1. hello! I found you through the linking party and I'm so glad. I am with you on the sleep schedule problem, I stay up super late, sleep late and I'm going to be miserable when school begins again. I also love just not being forced to go somewhere every day. I did a little snooping on your blog, you have a beautiful family! Enjoy the remainder of your time off, happy new year, Paula @

  2. I get it, I totally need to get back on a schedule! Yikes! Good luck!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  3. Hi, found you at Farley's! We don't go back to school till the end of January here in Australia so organising for my classroom is sooooo far from my mind :) Enjoy the rest of your break (and your cookies, heehee)

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings