Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Took A Chance...Met A Hero!!

Hello friends,
I had to stop and create this post after one of the most AH-MAZE-ING mornings!

Please bear with me as I unload the details.  

After a fabulous night with my hubby at the Delta Sigma Theta Convention party held by his fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma, I dreaded hearing my early alarm clock screaming for me to get out of bed.  It was Day 2 of a K-2 Literacy Institute my district was holding.  The first day was "OKAY."  I think our speaker had a wealth of knowledge but the plethora of info she was presenting was a baseline for something greater and I sort-of already had that under my belt.  Let's just say I did a lot of yawning and social media updates to pass the time.  Today was supposed to be better.  But getting in at a late hour probably didn't help give me the energy boost I needed to become excited (which if you read any of my earlier posts, I absolutely l-o-v-e workshops and trainings because I'm a student at heart).  

I managed to get a decent outfit on and begin the quick 15 minute trip to the conference center.  Along the way, my "hubster" called and told me he was thinking of going to a workshop his district was holding where a fellow teacher was presenting about flipped classrooms.  He wasn't registered but thought he might just show up.  As my training began, I received a text message from said hubby with this:

My reaction:

Ron Clark who I barely introduced to my hubby maybe about two weeks ago.  Ron Clark who is such an inspirational teacher that I only dreamed I would ever get a chance to hear or see him.  When the fabulous Hope King did a Periscope about her AH-MAZE-ING classroom at the Ron Clark Academy I was floored!  I explored all I could about it and began rambling on and on to my Hubby about how I thought schools like that were only found within the pages of a book.  And there it was.  The school of all teacher's dreams!  I shared all my findings with my husband.  He was intrigued.  What was even funnier is that we sat and watched the Periscope Hope did with Ron as they were on a road trip.  And guess what!  That road trip led right here to Cypress, TX!! 

So of course my husband begins to tell him all about my excitement laid upon him the past few weeks.  He then decides to have Ron Clark Facetime me!  Right there in the middle of my workshop!  And what does Ron Clark say?  He says, "get over here!  You've got 50 minutes!"
Psh!  Who could turn down Ron Clark?  Not this girl.  I grabbed my belongings and dashed out (I hope I don't get in trouble with my district).  When I got there, here comes my husband and he had Ron Clark in tow.  Ron Clark gave me a hug like we were long time friends and said, "you made it!"  
Uh yeah!!!
And to top it off, I got to sit in the second row, right in the center and listen to this amazing teacher speak!  

It was...you guessed it...ah-maze-ing!!  I still feel like a giddy kid on Christmas morning.  I just want to scream out how every teacher should get a chance to hear this man speak!  He is such an inspiring, true, classroom hero.  I think after this morning, I can convince my hubby to take a trip to ATL and visit that magical school that I now know is not just found inside the pages of a book!


  1. Super Cool and I'm Super Jealous!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you!!! And soooo jealous. I've read all his books and have used his techniques since I started teaching about 12 years ago! I would die to meet him. I've looked into visiting his school but haven't signed up. I would love to read another blog post on what you learned from his presentation! Boy... you are one lucky gal.

  3. Oh my - this is TOTALLY amazing!! I would love to visit his school, such an inspiration to so many teachers, kids, and parents!

    It was great to meet you tonight at the #tptorlando16 meet up! I loved learning about your journey as a teacher and a teacher-author! Please drop by our blog sometime! itallstartedwithflubber.blogspot.com