Thursday, January 15, 2015

RTBC!! Woot-woot! The Real Teachers of "Blog" County!

Don't you love it!?!  

For those of you RHOA or RHOBH or RHOOC know how awesome this Blog Link-Up is!

It's the creative genius of Hilary from 2nd Grade Is Out Of This World.

I saw this on FB and could not resist.  I really should be creating my Kahoot games for this week and instead here I am.  
Not that posting on my blog is a bad thing.  It is definitely about darn time.  I have kinda sorta fell off this train.  Ok -- I'm really not even strolling along side.  Just sitting on the ground watching it pass.  I don't know why.  I just couldn't seem to get my butt in gear lately.  
But now...but this...I just had to start typing.
First of all, the title is PERFECTION! 
Second, OF COURSE I can relate to this stuff!
I am by no means AT ALL the teacher we all see on the blog posts, pins, Facebook links, Instagram pics, etc.  Don't get me wrong, we have fun, we learn, we create and do some amazing stuff in my classroom...but it all is not sunshine and buttercups behind the scenes (or pics) in this case.
  If I have to take a pic for a post, I usually do a quick clean up around the targeted focus.  If I just panned a little to the left, this is what you would see:
I think I have enough bottles of water.  What do you think?
{Oh- the shame!}  & this is after doing a quick clear off a couple of days ago.  

At the end of the day, I turn around and cannot believe how everything gets so cluttered.  I've toyed with the insane idea of getting rid of my teacher desk and then thought...maybe not.  Because then where would all this go?
Or this?
The place where things go to die.
I don't want to even think of it.  My goal is to try to keep my desk cleared each day so that I can lay out the activities/worksheets for that day (I sometimes find something I missed if I leave them in the drawers - Doh!).  As you can see, I'm not doing so HOT in this goal so far.  I don't see one stack of work and very little cleared space.  Ugh!  Gotta work harder!

Alright -- your turn.  Truth time.  Where's your "problem spot" in your classroom?  Come on people, you know you have one.  Don't let us sit alone in this.  After all, this is REALITY... not all of us are "gone with the wind fabulous."
Link-up, friends.  Click HERE

and expose, expose, expose. 


  1. I must say that I LOVE that you called me a creative genius! Now I am blushing! Thanks so much for coming by to link up! I love seeing everyone's "dirty laundry".
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  2. Oh, I have way more than one problem spot! I have junk drawers, and the top of my desk is always pretty cluttered. I've thought the same thing about getting rid of my desk. Where would all my stuff go?
    Laughter and Consistency