Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My first TPT product is finally available!!

Introducing...FEAR FACTOR!

Hello friends.  This is my day of firsts.  Today will be the first day I post to my blog and the first day I publish my original creation on TPT.  I have had this goal set since the end of last school year and it just seems that so many other things took over.  But, big thanks to my hubby -- Dennis for pushing forward with the work I began and getting my idea onto the computer and ready to share. <3

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So here's the scoop.  I have come across some great ideas to help my kiddos master their addition and subtraction facts, but it just didn't seem that I could get them exactly where I wanted.  I decided to put together some of those great ideas and create a yearlong challenge to get them motivated and moving through mastery of those facts!  My 2nd graders no longer feared those puppies.  Last year, I had such a great success with my creation.  Parents are still telling me how great their child did and excited they were. I decided to make it cute and bring it to life to share with others.  But, boy oh boy, I did not realize how daunting the task would be.
Brag Shirts & Awards

The Fear Factor Challenge works like this.  We start with +0's and go from there.  Students work their way through each set of addition facts until they are all mastered and they can successfully complete a mixed timed test.  After addition, it is on to subtraction facts and so it goes.  By the end of the year most are so successful with both addition and subtraction that they even begin working on those dreaded multiplication facts awaiting them the next year.  The excitement is so great.  It's even hard to contain it on here.  Wait...I haven't even told you about the BIG celebration!  At the end of the year, we have a proper "FearFactor" challenge to end our climb (Miley's song just popped in my head as I typed the word: climb").  Students who have met certain goals in their challenge climb are then given the opportunity to challenge themselves one last time..."Fear Factor" style.  Awards are given and even brag shirts are distributed.  It was such a long work in the making but awarding their accomplishments was the best reward for me.
Our "Fear Factor" Feast of Challenges

I'm so excited to finally be able to share this with you.  Hope you find it to be as much fun and filled with the same success as I did.

<3 ReddishAnn


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